How to Erase Your Outliers Notebook?
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How to Erase?


Outliers Notebook is heat resistant and is manufactured to be safe against microwave ovens. As long as you take your notes with the Outliers Pen that comes with your notebook, you can erase all your notes in a microwave oven or with a hair dryer in seconds. At 60 °C, all your notes disappear, while at -10 °C, erased notes reappear. 

Fill a coffee mug 3/4ths full of water.
Place the notebook in the microwave and then put the mug on the notebook. Set the microwave to 800W and run for 80 seconds.
If there are no power settings on your microwave; heat your notebook with the mug for a minute.
Check whether your notes have been deleted; repeat this process for 30 seconds until the notes are erased.
Wait a few minutes for your notebook and mug to cool off before taking them out of the oven.