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Smart Notebook as an IoT Product

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What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of things is a network created between stand-alone devices, and the term refers to the communication of the devices in this network, using particular protocols.

First used by Kevin Ashton in 1999 during a presentation he prepared for a company, the term’s scope has expanded greatly, thanks to advancements in technology. The webcam system designed by 15 academics from The University of Cambridge in 1991 became the first example of IoT in history because it had a camera and was connected to the internet.

Why does the Internet of Things mater?

Besides communication between devices, IoT includes communication between devices and people. When we attach the word ‘smart’ before any type of device-or object- we are referring to IoT.

We can look at the new ‘smart office’ concept that has been sprouting up: When you’re outside and someone tries to break into your office and open your private drawer, or when a fire breaks out, smart offices can notify you with a message. Smart forks can warn you if you’re eating too fast or more than you need. Smart tennis rackets can instantly calculate at which degree the tennis player hits the ball, the type of stroke they use, and how fast the stroke is. Examples, like smart speakers, smart alarm clocks, smart houses, show us that IoT became a substantial part of our lives and we need IoT devices. 

Smart Notebook as an IoT Product

Outliers ‘Smart’ Notebook

Another fine example of IoT devices is the new-generation ‘smart notebook’. When so many daily objects are being defined as smart, it isn’t surprising to see notebooks, irreplaceable items of our daily lives, ‘smarten up’. Supported by the latest technology, you can effortlessly transfer your completed pages to your smartphone or tablet and share them with others just as easily.

What is more, when you finish your notebook, you can heat it in a microwave oven for 80 seconds and use it again and again! This is how old-fashioned notebooks are replaced by the smart notebooks developed by the Outliers team to fit the needs of this century.

What news will IoT technology bring to our daily lives? Will there ever be a time we will find it incredibly difficult to live without smart devices? Well, the future is hard to predict, but it is for certain that we, as the Outliers team, will be working hard to bring all types of technological and innovative developments to you to make your life easier and more enjoyable. You can share your comments and thoughts on the subject in the comments section!



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