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The Reason We Produced a Sustainable Notebook

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Today, many of us live in cities and as part of the consumption society. As a natural consequence of this situation, we are consuming the sources of nature too much and too fast. Of course, the rapidly increasing world population is also to blame. These conditions lead to the greenhouse effect caused by gases like methane and CO released into the air. With the greenhouse effect, we now have issues like the life-threatening climate change and global warming.

Few countries today are striving to resist climate change and preserve natural resources, while other countries and societies are ignoring the matter due to psychological, political, and economic conditions.

What is Sustainability?

What biological organisms need to survive and stay healthy depends on the natural environment. The aim of sustainability is to secure the conditions under which future generations can live in prosperity and which people and nature can coexist within a socially, economically, and environmentally productive harmony.

Sustainable Products

How Can We Make Our World Sustainable?

Although global warming, climate change, and environmental pollution make a distressing scene, managing these problems and making the world more sustainable isn’t complicated to achieve. The Ozone Hole is about to close, thanks to conscious acts of people around the world. We listed below some of the precautions we can take to overcome the problem that threatens living creatures and bio-diversity:

  • Protecting nature, forests, and oceans
  • Separating our trash by their material (glass, paper, plastic)
  • Minimizing wasted energy at our homes
  • Purchasing products that are reusable and recyclable
  • Choosing clean and renewable energy sources
Outliers Notebook As A Sustainable Product

Notes taken on an Outliers Notebook are digitalized with the Outliers mobile application and can be transferred to mobile devices and shared with others. Once the notebook is finished, you can place it in a microwave oven, erase your notes, and use it as a new notebook. Reusing the notebook and sharing your notes (so you don’t make photocopies) makes our product environment-friendly and sustainable.

Reusable and Sustainable Notebook

As the Outliers Notebook team, we are aware of the significance of life on earth, and we are proud of designing a product that contributes to the preservation of our planet. Join the act of sustainability and protect the planet!



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