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The gift search stress is real! Especially when the person you’re buying a gift is a co-worker that you don’t know very well, the level of stress tends to increasse. To save you the hassle in such scenarios, we listed the top 5 corporate gift ideas.

Corporate Planner& Smart Notebook

Gifting planners might not seem creative at first but considering the fact that it is the most used, if not the most versatile office tool after your PC, it won’t seem like a bad idea at all! You can gift a special planner for your co-workers or your nearest and dearest. If you’re looking for elegant promotional planners/ notebooks with your brand logo on it, you can order in bulk at wholesale prices. This might be about the best option provided that you want to make an innovative and unique gift for all your employees and not just individuals. When searching for such planners, we suggest you choose one that suits your needs with its design and versatility.

If you prefer an eco-friendly corporate planner that’s elegant, reusable and innovative, you can check out Outliers Notebook’s planners. The planner can be digitallised with its mobile application and reused after you erase it in the microwave. You can join the sustainability movement and increase productivity by using Outliers Notebook at your company.

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 Unique Pens

Let’s face it, we have all gifted a pen at least once in our lifetimes. Maybe it was for an elementary school teacher or maybe it was for your father. A pen might be your gift solution for co-workers and employees. You can choose anything from a corporate pen to an innovative Outliers Pen with special erasable ink. If you did follow the above advice and purchased a corporate planner, you won’t even need to add a pen since we gift an Outliers Pen with each Outliers Notebook!

 Desk Organiser

It’s a fact that we have limited working space so we all use desk organizers to use the space in maximum efficiency while adding an aesthetic touch. Your coworkers might like such desk organizers so we suggest gifting them as well. These organizers keep files, pens and other office equipments neatly in one place and boost your focus and efficiency while working. A study from Princeton Neuroscience Institute suggests that the more clutter on or around your desktop, the more likely you will be to get distracted. IKEA’s desk organizers and accessories are our favorite!

Pen Holder and Business Card Holder

 You can pick out from hundreds of types of pen and business card holders to gift your co-workers. Such a gift can both tidy up their desk and help increase motivation. After all, who doesn’t like keeping their pens and business cards in a matching organizer set? We strongly recommend checking out personalized pen and business card holders as you can have them made in whichever colour-pattern combination and size that you prefer. For those who keep losing their business cards, the Outliers mobile application offers an innovative solution with its business card storage feature. You can transfer your business cards to your smartphone using the Outliers App and access anytime, store and share.

 Laptop Cooler

The neck and wrist pain that we can all relate to,  the issue with your laptop sitting too low on the desk, and the computers that shut down due to overheating can all be fixed with laptop coolers so you should immeadiately get one for yourself one for your co-worker.  Laptop coolers not only save you from tilting your head up and down all day but they also offer a great user experience when using your laptop on your desktop. If your co-worker still hasn’t discovered such an affordable and useful product, then you have yourself another wonderful gift idea. You can choose it in any color or model that you like, with or without fans, adjustable or fixed, just pick it and wrap it up!

If you liked our corporate gift suggestions and decided to get an Outliers Notebook for yourself or for your friends, you can check out our Products Page.

If you’d like to place a corporate bulk order you can visit our Corporate Sale Page


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